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pvc_folie pvc_folie pvc_folie

 PVC Foil

Variable roll lengths and width. The foil has the same color as our Elbows and form pieces. The color is the same as other PVC products in the market gray, white and black.

PVC Elbows

PVC elbows and fittings for all types and dimensions of pipes, T pieces, Bottom Pieces.

 PVC Shells

PVC shells for covering of valves which are insulated with mineral wool. Many different sizes.

pvc_folie pvc_folie pvc_folie

Valve Boxes

Insulation jackets for many of the known valve types and brands. Sleeve –
Flange – Slope – Straight.


Products for installing of insulation and PVC Elbows and foil. Tape, Wire, rivet tool, and End capping in PVC and aluminum – Grey, Red and Blue.

Tricks and Advice

You’ll get the nicest result and finish on the final insulation if the insulation under the PVC is straight and properly fitted.

Sales- and delivery conditions